Varitube 510 Stainless (V2) Slotted


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The Varitube VT510 V2 is here! A Bullet Proof Connector:

– NO Need to disassemble for soldering
– NO Threaded insulators to strip
– NO max wire gauge restrictions
– Solder before or after installation

Only 11.5mm long – note you need an additional 2.5mm-3mm to allow movement within the installation

Ultra low profile shoulder, self-adjusting spring loaded center pin, brass backer nut for solid and secure installation.

Made of Stainless, Brass, & High Temp insulating material this connector is perfect for box mods and the discerning modder!

The spring carries no electrical load!
22mm with Air Channels
22mm Smooth Top
Only 1mm thick landing pad
Made of Stainless with High Temp Insulator, and brass – rated for 450F degrees continuous service
Assembled connector length – 11.5mm – extends to about 14mm with atomizer installed
Body threading – M10x0.5 – 10mm diameter … about 3/8″
Ring Terminal for ground connection included
Does NOT need to be disassembled for soldering!!! Huge productivity gain! Can be soldered after install as well if desired. Only adjustment needed is to make sure the bottom T-Nut is not over tightened prior to soldering.
Properly adjust the T-Nut by loosening or tightening it such that the small pin is flush with the bottom of the slot in the T-Nut on the bottom of the connector … This allows the top insulator to properly adjust and seat with the Atomizer providing smooth operation. Pre-loading the spring with an over tightened T-Nut may result in ‘ratchety’ movement while installing an atomizer … Adjust the T-Nut prior to soldering!
Ring Terminals Are Included

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